Nearby Destinations

Nearby Destinations

  • In Prokopi, a nearby village, you can find the famous and massively visited church of Saint John the Russian where crowds of faithful orthodox people stream into in order to pay their respect to the Saint. The nun monastery of Galataki and the Saint David Monastery are places of a special interest.

    Live the unforgettable experience of hiking through the paradise-like tracks of North Evia. A perfect way of rejuvenating both mind and body. Start your walking trip from Lihada’s square up to the Mt Lihas peak, wander around the all green slopes of Pixaria, cross the Nileas Canyon for an absolutely dramatic experience.

    Visit the nearby seaside villages Rovies and Oreoi. Enjoy your swimming in the crystal clear sea, stroll around their picturesque alleys and taste the delicious fish delicacies served to local fish taverns which are very popular and well known.
    Indulge yourselves by trying the extraordinary experience of getting in contact with the amazing seabed or by scuba diving in the nearby town of Istiaia. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Horse Riding Centre in Kamatriades village. Come closer to nature, enjoy horse riding and a variety of animals that live in the farm.

    Surprise yourselves by visiting the dream-like scenery of the 15 metre high waterfalls of Drimona that end up to a lovely little lake. The place is surrounded by fir trees and black pine trees of exquisite beauty and it has been reformed with mild touristic interventions that do not harm in any way the natural perfection of the scenery. On the contrary, they offer resting points for both children and adult visitors.

    We highly recommend you a visit either by boat or by car to the idyllic green Lihadonisia villages, with the exotic beaches, the crystal clear sea and the impressive shipwreck on the west side of the island. At the same time, take the boat to enjoy private nearby beaches, after being provided with a lunch basket from KAMINOS|natural senses. All you have to do is asking for it in advance.