• The Destination

The Destination

The Destination

  • Limni of Evia is one of the most picturesque villages of North Evia as it combines the clear blue of the sea with the imposing sight of the mountain in a perfect way, creating a unique scenery that impresses the visitors. Built up to a hill with a panoramic view to the Evian Gulf, it captures the visitor’s eye with the combination of the azure sea with the pine-tree covered mountain of Kandili that reaches down the sea.

    In a close distance from Athens, with an easy access, it forms a perfect destination for a relaxing and at the same time extremely interesting escape.
    The legendary rich naval tradition of Evia and the intense island flair are obvious everywhere and they stress their presence through the tile roofed little white houses, the narrow alleys, the unique beaches and the magnificent bays.

    To explore the charm of Limni in Evia, don’t forget to stroll around its picturesque alleys, that hide old aristocratic houses surrounded by bloomed colourful gardens gracefully built according to the new classical architectural style of the last century. Untouched by massive tourism, with the pure feeling of the local hospitality, Limni is definately the ideal destination for any visitor who seeks for relaxation and rest.

    A destination that will reward your choice in every possible way.